Connecting with the Divine – a daily i’tikaf programme

Presented by Mizan Institute in conjunction with Stegman Road Masjid.

Live Daily Broadcasts

Starting after Asr on 15 June 2017 over the last 10 days of Ramadaan.Where:
Live video on Facebook
Live audio on Mixlr

Download itikaaf workbook here: itikaaf 2017 workbook V1

Inspirational Speakers

Each speaker will present in their respective time slots each day for the duration of the programme.

Striving for beautiful prayer – Hafith Ahmad Solomon
7:00 to 7:40am daily (after Fajr)Haafith Ahmad facilitates a practical session on accomplishing a beautiful salaah with a focus on the words recited as well as the internal and outer aspects.Hafith Ahmad Solomon is the principal at Tajdid Quran Academy and an executive member of NEO Youth Foundation.
Lives of inspiration – Sheikh Ismail Londt
1:30 to 2:10pm daily (after Thur)Sh Ismail continues this popular series from last year’s itikaaf and shares inspiring stories from the companions of our Messenger (saw) and their followers.Sheikh Ismail Londt is the director at Dar Ubaiy Centre, a co-imam at Auwwal Masjid and a teacher at Mizan Insitute.
Prophetic wisdom for the heart – Moulana Muhammad Carr
16:00 to 16:40pm daily (after Asr)Ml Muhammad shares Prophetic sayings that focus on moving the heart.Moulana Muhammad Carr is the director at NEO Youth Foundation, a co-imam at Auwal Masjid and a teacher at Mizan Institute and at Darun Na’im.
Reflections on His words – Moulana Khalil Hendricks
22:15 to 22:55pmMl Khalil reflects on the powerful words of Surah Qaf.Remembrance together – Moulana Khalil Hendricks
22:55 to 23:30pm

The programme will include a group reading of the Prophetic morning and evening prayers as well as a short focussed communal thikr every evening.

Moulana Khalil Hendricks is the director of Mizan Institute, a teacher at Darun Na’im and a management consultant.

How to Connect

You will need a PC, a laptop, a smart device and internet connectivity.

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Live audio stream on Mixlr

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