Introducing Mizan Institute

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Connecting with the Divine! Friday 25th August – Listen live!

Listen live below:

Watch live on Facebook:

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*Choose “See first” when clicking the down arrow on follow button to get notifications of live broadcasts!

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I’tikaf’s gone digital – tune in on facebook live!

Update your faith via I’tikaf live on Facebook

While sitting at home in your PJs, navigating your way through peak-hour traffic, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you can tune into Mizan Institute SA live on Facebook this Ramadaan.

In fact, wherever you are, you can watch and listen to the programmes live from your computer, tablet or smartphone and draw inspiration from the likes of Ml Khalil Hendricks, Sh Ismail Londt, Ml Muhammad Carr and Hafith Ahmad Solomon.

Life-changing sessions will be broadcast every day from 15 June 2017 from Stegman Road Masjid inshaAllah.

Stay tuned for more details on the Connecting to the Divine programme, speakers and topics.

You can also receive a live audio-only feed on by downloading the Mixlr App on your smartphone and following the Mizan Institute channel here:

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Mizan Institute “Ukhuwa Spiritual Retreat” 3rd to 5th March 2017

Assalaamu Alaykum!

Mizan Institute will be holding its first “Mizan Ukhuwa Spiritual Retreat” at a beautiful campsite called Kogelberg in Grabouw. The camp will be held from Friday evening 3rd March to Sunday 5th March 2017 in-sha-Allah!

Camp facilitators include:

  • Ml Muhammad Carr
  • Sh Ismail Londt
  • Ml Zakariyya Harnekar
  • Ml Khalil Hendricks

The aim of the camp is to spend time in nature drawing closer to Allah, strengthening the bonds between the Mizan student body, interacting with Mizan staff in a beautiful natural setting and having some fun!

Activities include:

  • Workshops and spiritual talks
  • Reflections and thikr
  • Hiking and swimming
  • Icebreakers and downtime

The camp fee is R550 per person which covers the facility fees as well as all meals. The fee excludes transport and brothers are requested to travel in car pools as parking is limited – this will be arranged after registration iA.

Note that the camp fee is being subsidised by Mizan Institute and if there are any students who would like to sponsor a camper who cannot afford the full fee please indicate that on the form below.

Please note that we can only confirm a space for campers who cannot afford the full fee if we receive sufficient sponsorship.

For those who would like to attend – the registration form below HAS to be completed on or before Sunday 19th February 2017.

Payment for the camp is due on 3rd March 2017. Campers who require a longer time to pay off the camp can contact Mizan administration.

The camp is only open to males who are registered Mizan students and graduates of Mizan Institute.

We hope to see all our students there, however, please note that numbers are limited and places will be allocated on a first come basis.

Register at the “Camp registration” link or click here

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Bcom Honours Financial Management, 1st DNSI year student

DNSI has certainly been a spiritual upliftment for me!

I have for a long time been seeking to increase my knowledge to better
understand islam, the Quraan and to be closer to Allah and this course
has certainly paved the way.
I have many family members and friends that attends Darul Naim who
always provided positive reviews, however I was always reluctant
because I did’nt know how I am going to fit it in, that being a wife,
a mom of 2 boys and a career woman with a demanding corporate
position. I was also already attending a tajweed class which also on a
Sunday Morning.

My younger sister and her husband was attended the DNSI class and they
always encouraged us just to come and at least sit in and see whats
its all about, they use to send recordings via watsapp and it was
inspiring, but I was still reluctant for some reason.

However in January 2016 I was blessed to be able to perform Umrah
pilgrimage with my parents and on my return my mind was made up and I
register for the DNSI class, after the first class, I was blown away
of how amazing it was, I was emotional and the Naseehah brought tears
to my eyes. I then convinced my eldest sister to join and the next
Sunday she joined me. My Younger sister and my sister just older than
me was also attending the Darul Naim but the Friday part time class in

The course is convenient and accommodating in that if you do miss a
class the notes and class audio is uploaded to the DNSI webpage thus
easy to catch up, and if you unable to attend a class, the class is
live streamed for you to join in from home.

This past year has come with many trials and blessings, I have made
many life changing decisions and I am grateful Alhamdulillah.

I may not have taken a way a lot through the little effort I have put
in the homework and individual revision during the week, however I
still have gain and know much more than what I knew a year ago, also
the main aim was the journey to be closer to Allah.
Even though I feel I am still far away from Allah I continue to push
myself to seek Allah’s happiness.

DNSI has certainly played its role in my life changing decisions that
I made this past year, I felt that every word and Naseehah was meant
for me and was Allah guiding me to be closer to him. It have placed my
trust in Allah.

I am excited to see what second year has to hold and I fully recommend
the DNSI class to anyone and everyone.

Shukran so much.

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Farzaana, Graphic Designer, 27 – 1st Year Student

Dear Sister/brother

If you are reading this you might be interested in doing the DNSI course.
Before I started the course I came across many students from different parts of the institute who said how life changing it is.

I came into the year feeling slightly arrogant with a hard heart thinking to myself “How can one Sunday a week be so life changing?” and “It will probably not have the same impact on me.”

Oh boy was I wrong. It was life changing indeed.

So what was so life changing? There were several reasons for me joining this course but what made it so life changing for me personally was its ability to connect me with Allah and the Quran in a way, which I had not experienced before. This is after all the primary objective of the course.

I didn’t realize how disconnected I was from the word of Allah. I went about my life doing all the right things but without any understanding. That connection didn’t happen all at once, it was a slow and gradual changing or turning of my heart. The more I learnt the more connected I felt. The excitement you feel when you travel and see a new place for the first time is the feeling you get walking into class and knowing that today I am going to learn something new about my creator.

This doesn’t mean that I didn’t miss a few lessons here and there. Our modern society is a busy one and the teachers understand this and make it easy for us. Once I fell ill and couldn’t physically be in class but I could stream the lesson from bed. Another time I couldn’t make class so I just downloaded the audio recording afterward and felt like I was there.

And if you have any fear about being singled out and asked to answer a question, don’t be. If you are an introvert like myself this class is perfect. You can communicate via your phone and ask questions to the teachers in that way. This was an absolute dream for someone like me.

The examples above are only a few ways of how they have integrated technology into each lesson. I found this made the learning easy and engaging.

My first year is coming to an end and I feel like I know very little but I know more than I did a year ago. And at the end of the day it is not so much about the class but about the end goal of getting closer to Him.

With love,

A student of the deen

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Lutfiyya – 1st Year Student

I went to a muslim school from SubA so I do have an Islamic background but Darun Naim has been nothing compared to it. I’m originally from PE so we didn’t have much schools or programs such as this, or maybe none that I knew about. Darun Naim has changed my life. May Allah reward all my teachers!

It’s such an amazing feeling knowing that you understand the short surahs and that you can partially understand the bigger surahs. Not only has Darun Naim brought me closer to who I want to be as a person but it has brought me closer to my Creator Algamdulillah.

It’s so amazing how 1 ayah can have so many explanations or stories behind it. I will never forget when we did Surah Duhaa. I was going through a tough time and couldn’t seem to get out of my “slump”. That Sunday we did the Surah and I literally couldn’t stop crying. It was as if Allah spoke directly through my teacher to me. In that moment there was no one in that class but me and the words of “from” Allah. In my mind, myself and Allah was having a conversation. Subhana Allah.

Sunday class is my favourite part of the week, I enjoy talks where I’m spiritually uplifted, I crave it and what better way is there to be spiritually uplifted than from the teachings of the Quraan?

Joining DNSI has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made in my entire life, and would advise anyone and as much people as I can to do the same. It has honestly changed my life for the better Algamdulillah. Not only because of the ‘educational’ part but it has introduced me to beautiful people who have similar goals and life story’s as I do. It introduced me to people and friends that bring me closer to my Jannah rather than take me further away from it.

Lutifyya Ravat (1st year DNSI student)

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First Year Student – Business Director

Assalamu Alaikum, Waraghmatullahi Wabarakhaatu,

I wish to share my experience and path to attending the DNSI Quran studies, program (1st year 2016).
My wife studied at DNSI, for two years, during which time she really inspired me and taught me many lessons, which really made me realise how “disadvantaged & under privileged” I am by this lack of real Quran (& Islamic) insight.

As a leader within my corporate business, I am always being looked upon for the advice, skills, direction and leadership, to guide my staff. I have always felt the need to educate myself of matters of this world, to ensure I can add value to my staff (their lives and their families improvement).
It struck me one day that included in this “skills/knowledge”, is the spiritual support to be shared with everyone. Added to the fact that by now I was really yearning to gain my own spiritual enhancement and draw closer to my Allah. As Fathers, Husbands and leaders in our homes, businesses and communities, we are always “busy” and do not find the “time”, for “madressa”.

I finally enrolled for the 1st year Sunday intensive class 2016. To my amazement and astonishment, I finally felt even closer, to my Rabb. (by understanding my recital in Salah & more. We “speak” to Allah SWT 5 times a day, minimum, yet many of us do not realise what we are saying).

I was really impressed at the way the course was structured and support offered by the lecturers. (May Allah SWT, grant that they are able to remain doing it for many years inshallah, and the institution of Islamic learning grows in the hearts of ALL).
Halfway through the 1st year I realised that it is too little to be doing just on a Sunday, as I was now experiencing a “void”, in my life by not attending or being in “class”.

The class lectures are structured not to talk “down”, to students but a full interactive, participative and supportive manner.
My advice is for every family (Muslim or Non Muslim), to at least have 1 member attending these classes. I am also really encouraged at the amount of young students attend.
We would easily spend R150 000 on an MBA (for Dunyah & temporary gain), yet be afraid so spend a few thousand on a course, that we will take to our grave (and benefit us in Aaghirah & eternity).

I wish to continue every year at DNSI and any other institution, inshallah.

Islamic student learner (55years old)

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Kaashifa – Registered Counsellor – First Year Student

After attempting to learn Arabic for a month in a Darul Uloom many years ago, I gave up on Arabic, as it was simply too hard. Last year I attended my first unveiling and that was where my niyyah was made to enrol at DNSI. From the word go, I was taken impressed by the quality of the classes. The administration is exceptionally efficient. Having all the multi media resources and other resources like tutors creates enough outlets for learners to acquire additional support. The highlight is the moral lessons and the application that Arabic has to our everyday lives. Teachers are unique in this way. They challenge us to think, to find balance and to CONNECT to our Creator! What I find most inspiring is that we are taught about Allah’s mercy and bounty which gives us hope and gratitude for being Muslim. My experiences before this was that fear was used as a medium to get us to “practice” Islam. I was a mechanical Muslim. I am now experiencing Islam with my heart!

Challenges for me has been that there were very little breaks. As a mother of three children under 8 and with a full time job, juggling became tricky.Despite this I encouraged my husband to go for short periods of itikaaf to experience DNSI. He has registered for first year next year. The spiritual benefits outweigh the family logistical challenges.

Prospective students need to know that it is intensive and thus a certain amount of commitment is needed. Homework has to be done in order to practice concepts and get help as soon as you start struggling. Leaving it for too long will make it too overwhelming. Encourage some friends to join with you so that you have moral and practical support.

Kaashifa – First Year Student – Registered Counsellor

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1.1 Introduction to Nahw

Quran Alive is series of short videos explaining Nahw and Sarf concepts. To see the full series of videos please visit the Quran Alive link!

Note that more videos are being added each week!

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